Tuesday, February 27, 2007

i'm in a glass case of emotion!

if my life could be summed up in one word, it would be...

...in one moment, it would be...

...in one picture...

...and in one phrase...

"i am tired of soup-of-the-day. it is time we made a decision. i want to know what soup-from-now-on is."

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

little did she know...

...that this particular day, these "seemingly innocuous act[s]," would lead to her inevitable demise. that's all. [insert em's pathetic "ooohh" here]

Monday, February 12, 2007

dried up

i came into work last week to find a vase of fresh, white roses sitting on my desk, a kind gesture from my boss. i had received flowers from a friend for my birthday, but, before then, i can't remember the last time i was given flowers. i forgot how beautiful roses are, how happy it makes me to care for them day after day until they finally die.

i took meticulous care of these white beauties, trimming their stems, refreshing their water everyday, and, to my delight, they quickly bloomed. my twelve roses remained open all week and brought a smile to my face whenever i would catch a glimpse of them.

over the weekend, with no one to care for them, they died; however, instead of finding my desk littered with petals or each rose sadly drooping, they remained in their perfect state and simply dried up, still open, still reaching for the sun. the stems have browned, the water now useless, and yet, each crisp petal remains.

hope still remains in the dried up roses of my life. my patience wanes, i continue to water, to trim, to remain grateful for the little buds of life that continue to pop up. and yet, i can't help but doubt that all of this care, all of the energy and effort required will only end in a desk littered with lifeless petals that once held the hope of what could have been.

for now, i suppose, i will take this gesture of life shown to me by these twelve, pristine roses; drink deeply of living waters, look to the sun, and live.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

x-acto knife: 1; nama: 0

i was never a boy scout and, therefore, never received by totin' chip (that's chip, not chit, as was pointed out to me by wikipedia & matt). my only experience with "understand[ing] and agree[ing] to certain principles of using different tools with blades" extends to a 1 hour class at girl's camp when i was 13. and all i got out of that was the j.c.'s signature in my young women's camp book that quickly got tossed as soon as i stopped attending girl's camp.

however...you would think that my common sense would kick in when i find myself cutting the top of a small file box off with an old x-acto knife, whose sharp and bacteria-ridden blade is facing my hand. you would think that, and, truth be told, the thought to turn the blade the opposite direction so that it was cutting away from my hand did occur to me, but, apparently, in this circumstance, it is not the thought that counts.

talk to the 1 inch gash at the base of my thumb that was closed up with "medical" glue (which the "doctor" said would stay put for a good week, but promptly fell off as soon as it got wet, causing difficulties on the part of my gaping wound to want to remain gaping (because the "doctor" said i didn't need stitches (who actually gave me the option while examining by "borderline" cut to get stitched up, and even though my macabre-ness was all ready for stitches, it would have ended up being a hassle, which, ironically, "it" has become a hassle, no thanks to dr. "i-can-put-stitches-in-anything-but-i'll-just-glue-your-gash-together-with-this-tough-'doctor's'-glue-which-will-definitely-stay-put-for-at-least-5-days-so-your-thumb-will-heal-and-not-leave-a-huge-fat-scar")), and difficulties on my own part in attempting to sooth my now angry and still gaping wound, along with my now tetanus-shot-ridden arm (all on my left side)) for further details.