Monday, January 08, 2007

thoughts from a native

last week, i received a certificate in the mail certifying my geekiness. i am now officially a member of the national geographic society! and they sent me a free world map. sweet! i feel my happiness on such an occasion will best be expressed by the following ugandan native...doesn't he look so happy! i have this picture (which i did find on on my desktop at work, and i can't help but smile everytime i look at it. there is so much rhythm in this picture, in this dancing tutsii pictured in the center. he kind of reminds me of the pretty chocolate box man. "i want to break free!" the elegant shape, balance, and structure of his body as captured in this moment conveys an inspiring form freedom and happiness to me, a specific harmonious expression i don't see or feel too often. one of connection to one's surroundings and a higher being, a complete fullness joy, and momentary perfection.

looking at this picture everyday, i feel my insatiable desire to go and work in africa break the surface again and again. i went through a period around the time i graduated last year when that's all i wanted to do. i contacted volunteer programs, went to peace corps meetings, anything that could allow me to go and volunteer in africa, doing, well...anything, really. ultimately, i would love to work with HIV/AIDS prevention and education programs, but wherever i was needed, whatever capacity i could offer, i would go in a heartbeat. once my life started taking some interesting and uncertain turns (and still is, frankly), it became painfully clear to me that the timing wasn't right. while i accepted this, i still await patiently for the right time to come around, if it ever does. and until then, i'll just dream. and dance.


  1. Your wait is over. I have got the solution to your longings, and you won't even have to leave Utah. One (1) Malawian baby is winging it's way to you via UPS. Now don't worry, there are holes in the box and I included baby food and one of those apple-shaped, gramma gripper things so he can open the jars. He's all yours, pal! Happy late Festivus!

  2. two things:

    in response to your inspiring picture, i give you this

    and does anyone else find it odd that i have gotten "smenita" as my word verification twice in a row? so much for out smarting automated programs.