Wednesday, January 24, 2007

polluted streams of consciousness

i don't do mornings.

i don't do cold.

will it ever be warm again? will it ever not be 7:00 in the morning?

no, No, NOOOOO!


i like cheese. cheese likes most people. most people like me. so why does cheese not like me?


*itch* don'tscratchdon'tscratchdon'tscratch *itchitchitch*
stop it, scalp! i know you're dry and flaky. i know you hate utah in the winter. i know all of the moisture has been sucked out of you for the time being. but just stop! i will not scratch you, i refuse. bleeding from the scalp isn't on my to-do list today, so simmer!

*itchitch* ... *itc-
i can't take it anymore!!
there! are you happy now? it's not like i already had enough craptastic blankety-blank to deal with right now. and now you, you are your good friend eczema have added the icing of death to my already superfunfantastic life. yeah, thanks. i appreciate it. and don't you ever say that i wasn't grateful.


i don't do winter.



  1. ya, my hands to the same thing. they get all cracked and bloody. although, it could be from all the pummeling i do.

  2. How 'bout some Selsun Blue, hon? Works for my paw when he's got the itchies.

  3. I feel you. Arizona is even dryer. For reals. I'm scaly.