Wednesday, January 31, 2007

being for the benefit of...your mom?

i went to the dancer's company concert last weekend and was intrigued by the title of and credit to "costume construction." now, i'm familiar with "costume mistress," "costume seamstress," and just plain "costume," but this title implies the use of drills, wrenches, and nails, implements not normally utilized when designing and creating costumes. and the fact that there was also a credit to "costume" right next to this yellow-helmeted title was even more confusing. would there be wrecking balls, dry wall, a cherry picker, that one guy from the village people, what!?!
about half way through the concert, my desperate questions were answered. the dance entitled "winter" featured one dancer with a huge, white dress that was attached to the rafters above the stage. this could have been awkward...but it wasn't. bravo "costume constructioner!" your work turned out quite graceful and elegant. what will they think of next?!

...costume platoon, anyone?


  1. does this mean there is such a thing as costume DEstruction?

  2. Exactly. Who is in charge of imploding aging and condemned costumes?

  3. Coolest thing ever. It's like some annual Halloween projects...only paid and appreciated.