Wednesday, December 06, 2006

o, tannenbaum

growing up, we always had a real christmas tree. every year, we'd go to our friend's christmas tree lot, pick out out tree, bring it home, and proceed to decorate it with strings of multi-colored christmas lights and dozens of hand crafted ornaments.

and when i say "hand crafted", i'm talking about the apples or laminated pieces of construction paper with your school picture on it, or a popsicle reindeer, or any other varied assortment of creations we brought home from school that my mom had collected over the years. it was tradition, it was family, it was wonderful. it wasn't until many years later when most of the kids were out of the house that my parents finally bought (gasp!) a fake tree, real ornaments, and only white christmas lights. i still, however, miss the real christmas tree-ness of christmas. i've always planned on buying real trees when i have a family of my own someday...

until now...

we got on email from the fire marshall today at work with the following video attached...

holy tannenbaum! you see that poor little stuffed bunny? that could have been me! or the family cat.

well, there goes christmas.


  1. was bart simpson involved?
    cuz i've seen that episode.

  2. for some reason i am reminded of scout camp... hmmmm.

  3. Run, Bunny! Oh, Bunny, why don't you run?

  4. That is the most depressing thing I have ever seen. I hate the fire marshall.