Friday, December 01, 2006

is it december already?

World AIDS Day

Support World AIDS Day

is today. do your part to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS; get educated, stay informed, and share that with others. check out the website to find ways you can help.

unrelated note/plug/christmas-related-annoucement

remember ann-marie's elfish appearance last year? well, saturday morning, as she has already informed you, she gets be an elf all over again and i get to join her!
that's right, my friends. i, too, will be an elf (sort of) this saturday morning (tomorrow) at 10 a.m. on center street in provo city's politically-correct-non-denominational parade, so aptly named "winterfest". it runs from 500 west to 100 west and then loops around. check out all the info from the link provide and come out and support both ann-marie and i! yeay!!


  1. i'll see you on the parade route! i hope we don't freeze too much!!

  2. is there a chance that we, your dedicated readers, get to see the elfish you?