Monday, December 11, 2006

i wanna rock & roll all night

it's finally happening...that dreaded time of year that sneaks up on me every year. i can sense it now, lurking around a dark and foreboding corner like...something that lurks...

and it'll hit me in one month...

my birthday. and i'll be 24.

hmmm...that doesn't sit well with me.

i starting to feel so...old...too old know, do those things that the youngsters do, like get hyped up on jazz & goofballs. indeed, those were the days.

and i'm definitely too old to rock out like my 2-year-old nephew. rock on, little bro. rock on.


  1. Only 2 and he's already achieved my yet personally unreached goal of attaining YouTube fame.

    So jealous.

  2. Typing (get it? you know, instead of 'speaking' . . . 'cause I'm typing . . . ) as someone who is already 24 . . . meh.

    I act the way I always do - feeling just slightly more guilty about it. Plus, remember, I'm still in school and living with my parents.

    Feel better about yourself now? ;)

  3. you're growing up so fast. i'm gonna break out into "sunrise, sunset" any minute now.

  4. "...and one day closer to death!"