Saturday, December 30, 2006

2006 in review: the year of the shoulder

is 2006 really over? does that mean that this decade is nearly over? holy out-with-the-old-in-with-the-new!!

to recover from this shock, i will now present to you, dear readers, namabanana's

stuff that happened in 2006

i suggest you do the same to ease any pain you may be encountering, as opposed to singing "auld lang syne" (the only time that helps is if you just so happen to be in a jimmy stewart movie holding little lulu and suddenly realizing that your life is, in fact, wonderful.). it's quite simple, really. first, steal this idea from your best friend. second, open up your first blog written in each of the past 12 months. third, post the first line from said blog. fourth, you now have your very own blog-in-review for 2006! and now...

stuff that happened in 2006

january: and now we interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for a plea:

february: and now for something completely different...the llama song.

march: happy 1 year and 1 month blogaversary namabanana!

april: remember last year when i started counting down the number of days until i left for italy?

may: i have a japanese woodblock calendar.

june: this one time...a boy called to ask me out.

july: i think america pretty much had the best birthday ever yesterday (at least in my book).


september: i almost got myself killed the other day.

october: just two thoughts:

november: i'm gonna take my broom and sweep all of the dirt out on the street

december: World AIDS Day is today.


huh. that wasn't as exciting as i thought it'd be. eh, whatev. was your year? (it has honestly got to be more spectacular than mine...seriously.)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

no one i think is in my tree

while i was at home over christmas (yes, i finally did make it home...), i listened to the newly re-mixed beatles' album, "love," which my dad had downloaded on his i-pod, and all i can say martin, you are a genius! this album is amazing. and i don't want to go on and on about it, but my favorite mix is ringo's "octupus's garden" sung to the music of "good night." if you happen to be a huge beatles fan like myself, listen to/go ahead and pick up this album. you will not be disappointed. point that i was getting i listened to the album, i was reminded of how much i love george harrison's "something" from abbey road. in my hopelessly romantic mind, i simply want to meet someone who will see that unexplainable something in me and isn't scared of finding it, someone who will muddle through this crazy thing called love with me, as unsure and uncertain as it can be, knowing that i see that something in him, too, that he deserves to be loved, that i need him and him alone. he'll see something in me he needs and cannot live without; he won't try to explain it, he'll just know. something will be there, and we will both just know.


eh, or maybe i'll just move to new york city with kat and into the next phase of our single lives, celibate in the city.


something in the way she moves attracts me like no other lover
something in the way she woos me
i don't want to leave her now
you know i believe and how

somewhere in the smile she knows that i don't need no other lover
something in her style that shows me
i don't want to leave her now
you know i believe and how

you're asking me will my love grow
i don't know, i don't know
you stick around and it may show
i don't know, i don't know

something in the way she knows and all i have to do is think of her
something in the things she shows me
i don't want to leave her now
you know i believe and how

Thursday, December 21, 2006

your call in very unportant to us...

do do do do do dooo dooo do do do do do

thank you for holding...

do do do do do dooo dooo do do do do do

...we apologize for the delay. the next available representative will assist you as soon as possible. we look forward to your call.

do do do do do dooo dooo do do do do do


this is what i've been listening to for just over an hour and a half. due to 9th-circle-of-hell-like conditions in denver, i'm currently on hold trying to find out if a) there's anyway for me to get home tomorrow without having to go through denver, where my current travel itinerary states i should be heading at 7:30 am tomorrow to hop on a connecting flight home, or if b) i'm pretty much screwed. if you see pictures of me half-asleep with a dangle of drool dripping from my half-opened mouth in the denver airport on cnn tomorrow, you'll know that i received the less optimal option of 'b' from this so-called “representative,” who i keep hearing about, but still only hear...

do do do do do dooo dooo do do do do do...

1 hour and 50 minutes and counting...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

when will the lambs stop screaming?

as i sit here at my desk and look up at my silver tinseled stree decorated with tiny santa clauses and mrs. clauses, i feel like vomiting. not because christmas has already grown vomitess*, but because my stomach is angry at me. aaaaaaangry.

i know i fed it too much cheesed-filled tortellini drizzled with parmesan cheese last night. but i have a fever? *feels head with glove covered hand* huh. now remind me again why i came into work today? they pretend like they need me here, like the balance of the whole universe depends on my completion of such daily tasks as "update CRC agenda" and "dist DRC ROAs." maybe it does? or maybe that's just my angry stomach talking. or gurgling, to be more exact.

mr. sprite, you are my biggest fan. and don't think i forgot about you, mr. saltine crackers. i'd surely be incomplete without you. but you, mr. suppose-to-make-my-stomach-feel-better medicine. i'm not so sure about granting such compliments upon your white caplet. my stomach's aaaaaangry, and you have yet to talk some sense into it.

it's so cold. so...very cold.

*i know this is not the correct spelling, but when you're feverish, this is how that words comes out.

Monday, December 11, 2006

i wanna rock & roll all night

it's finally happening...that dreaded time of year that sneaks up on me every year. i can sense it now, lurking around a dark and foreboding corner like...something that lurks...

and it'll hit me in one month...

my birthday. and i'll be 24.

hmmm...that doesn't sit well with me.

i starting to feel so...old...too old know, do those things that the youngsters do, like get hyped up on jazz & goofballs. indeed, those were the days.

and i'm definitely too old to rock out like my 2-year-old nephew. rock on, little bro. rock on.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

o, tannenbaum

growing up, we always had a real christmas tree. every year, we'd go to our friend's christmas tree lot, pick out out tree, bring it home, and proceed to decorate it with strings of multi-colored christmas lights and dozens of hand crafted ornaments.

and when i say "hand crafted", i'm talking about the apples or laminated pieces of construction paper with your school picture on it, or a popsicle reindeer, or any other varied assortment of creations we brought home from school that my mom had collected over the years. it was tradition, it was family, it was wonderful. it wasn't until many years later when most of the kids were out of the house that my parents finally bought (gasp!) a fake tree, real ornaments, and only white christmas lights. i still, however, miss the real christmas tree-ness of christmas. i've always planned on buying real trees when i have a family of my own someday...

until now...

we got on email from the fire marshall today at work with the following video attached...

holy tannenbaum! you see that poor little stuffed bunny? that could have been me! or the family cat.

well, there goes christmas.

Friday, December 01, 2006

is it december already?

World AIDS Day

Support World AIDS Day

is today. do your part to help fight the spread of HIV/AIDS; get educated, stay informed, and share that with others. check out the website to find ways you can help.

unrelated note/plug/christmas-related-annoucement

remember ann-marie's elfish appearance last year? well, saturday morning, as she has already informed you, she gets be an elf all over again and i get to join her!
that's right, my friends. i, too, will be an elf (sort of) this saturday morning (tomorrow) at 10 a.m. on center street in provo city's politically-correct-non-denominational parade, so aptly named "winterfest". it runs from 500 west to 100 west and then loops around. check out all the info from the link provide and come out and support both ann-marie and i! yeay!!