Monday, November 20, 2006

i almost diiiied

near-death experience of the month

fellow secretary karen & i went out early this afternoon to do some christmas shopping for our department. ya know, candy apples, cute christmas cards with snowmen & snow globes, etc.

upon our return as we climbed the stairs back up to the office, i heard a crash...then a horror-movie scream...

i instrinctively ducked and ran for cover (good thing)...and let out a good scream, too. i turned around and found that the huge plastic light cover on the ceiling had hinged, yes hinged, off and was dangling at about the level of my head. rewind & replay:

crashing sound = light cover unhinging where no hinge exists
scream = karen fearing for my life
my cat-like reflexes = me avoiding an early death/living the rest of my life with a mangled face.

that thing was seriously this close to hitting my head:whew...another day, another lucky chance.


  1. Very properly labeled. Thank heavens your face has been spared.

  2. ya know, given my history for that kinda stuff, i am surprised i havent had an actual near-death experience.

    maybe i should try harder.

  3. your beautiful face!
    that's how you make your money!!

  4. Thank you for not dying. And happy Thanksgiving.

  5. I'm happy you're alive. Because I like your little face.