Saturday, November 25, 2006

gobble gobble

so what, you may ask, does a lonely vegetarian do in provo on thanksgiving?

well...i will tell you.

invited friends kat & autumn to nama's apartment to celebrate.
made lots of good meatless food.
ate until we died.
watched thanksgiving/christmas "will & grace" episodes.
slept happily through the night.

well...that's all.

WAIT...did she say meatless thanksgiving food? isn't that illegal in america? how did she achieve such an impossibly feat-ed feast? is goes:

nama made vegetable stuffing that included yellow squash, celery, carrots, onions, zucchini, spinach (which was promptly replaced with romaine lettuce because target apparently thinks spinach is still e-coli-ridden (now that's what i call communism)), various spices (tarragon, basil, thyme, sage, chives, salt, & pepper), and store bought bread crumbs (which are located on aisle 2, on your right, about yea high, according to "go-to man" who works at target).
nama also made baked macaroni.
autumn made butter squash cheese ravioli soup that had the butter squash, onions, cinnamon-y spices, cream, and was to die for.
kat brought cookies...which were also good. chocolate chip & dark chocolate chunk chocolaty goodness. perfect!
and we drank strawberry-pomegranate italian soda.

that's how you pull off a small, vegetarian thanksgiving, my friends...without the gobblings. even though my dad did say that vegetarian turkeys were available for me alongside the regular turkeys. yep! these turkeys were fed only vegetables. (thanks, dad.)
so i hope everybody's turkey day was as grand as mine, that you still feel full, but are still gorging yourself on left-overs like me, and that you are all excited as i am about this christmas season! ho ho ho!


  1. Man, that almost makes me wish I was still a vege...hold on, let me finish chewing this authentic Chicago hot dog...terian. No really, that sounds a million times better than the nursing home food I had for Thanksgiving.

  2. im trying really hard to come up with something to say other than how good my turkey was (stuffed with onions and bell peppers and wrapped in bacon). but i cant.

  3. well, you know what they say, matt. bacon has now replaced ketchup as the nation's #1 condiment...(or so i read in the onion)

    and p.s. your blog won't let me comment. so smack it around, or something...

  4. ooooo, did you make the strawberry pomegranate drink? If so I would like the recipe. If not I would like the name of the brand. And one of those taster cups, please. The paper kind, not the plastic.

  5. i like food.
    maybe that's why we're friends.
    because we have so much in common.