Tuesday, October 31, 2006

this is halloween! HALLOWEEN! HALLOWEEN!

"in this town we call home, everyone hale to the pumpkin song..."

...and please welcome...the UN, consisting of the following nations:
Narnia, Mozambique, Neverland, the United States, Greece, & India.

and that's me, in the green, with snakes in her hair as Medusa in all her glory, chasing men away with her stare. i even went to the movies & saw "Nightmare Before Christmas" looking like this. and while my hair looked wicked, as of today, i am still scratching green out of my scalp. but even so, halloween still kicked trash, and tonight, i'll hopefully find jack skellington singing on a curled-up hill in the moonlight. but...until then... "i am the shadow in the moonlit night filling your dreams to brim with fright!"


  1. What I don't understand is how your hair became so red.

    Also, your UN reminds me of the 7 deadly sins, whom I also met Saturday night.

  2. Well, I'm certainly frightened.

  3. You kinda look lke the statue of liberty. But anyway... you're hot. And I really miss you.