Friday, September 01, 2006

i don't care

i almost got myself killed the other day.

no, really. i was this close.

while walking home from work, my mind was racing with thoughts of...something...that was...extremely the time...even though i don't remember...

i pushed the crosswalk button at a stop light, waited, and, after a random synaptic misfire, started crossing the street. a mid-size jeep thinger came right for me, swerved, and kept on driving. and i just stood there confused.

"hey! i'm walking here!"

...[looks up to see red stoppy-hand about ready to slap me in the face]...

"oh, wait..."

hmmmm...and the most disrubing moment of all this was that i just didn't care. it didn't phase me that i almost died. i just kept walking.



  1. be careful! i know you were raised with your mom who's so fat she doesn't have to worry about a speeding jeep... they just bounce off of her... but you're another story. you're not Super Fat, Nama! you're just the regular type.

  2. Ah, the stylish Jeep Thinger. I think it might be quite an honor to be hit by such a classic and non-existant automobile.

    I can tell you I would care a whole lot if you were killed by a mid-sized SUV. But I can see how you might have had a strange reaction. Usually when I'm in a near death situation like that one, I get furious at the driver, even though I know full well I'm the idiot.

  3. Even though we don't talk much these days, I'd care a whole lot, too.
    As for driver-blame, how dare they not know that we're going to do something stupid and dangerous?! Really, some people . . .

  4. i'm glad you didn't die. but i'm kind of sad you didn't have an "elf" moment. ("the yellow ones don't stop!")
    not that i'm saying i wish you'd been hit by a car. i don't.
    but that scene in "elf" is really funny.

  5. so you know back in the day (I am thinking little house on the prarie day) when we had to fend for our lives against the natural elements etc. and now we have medicine, heaters, food etc. I wonder if living is just as dangerous? I mean sure we don't have to worry about getting eaten by a bear walking of BYU campus, but they didn't have to worry about a car crashing into them.... hmmmmm