Monday, September 25, 2006

google me!

here are the latest and greatest google searches that have led people to my blog:

"picture of oscar meter weiners"
"the sun's not yellow, it's chicken"
"alex trebec image"
"and nothing i say can put a smile up to your face"
"sandlot was filmed"
"fullery of stephanus"
“why is the sun yellow"
“90s memories"
“human body images"
“many books"
“just some evil scheme"
“mcdonalds french fries adult"
“dove chocolate wrapper sayings list"

“interesting sayings aluminum"
“seinfeld undatable dmv"
“how do you put your past behind you"

and my personal favorite:

"what happens when your urine isn't yellow"


new and recent favorite:

"nama 5"

i feel like i should be in short circuit now. "nama number alive!!"


  1. 1. Yaaaay, you finally updated.
    2. Lol...some of those phrases may have been from my blog, specifically the sandlot one. I had summun ask me about it because it's in an old post, and there's a link to you... :) He said he'd done a google search about it.

    He he...what *do* you do when it isn't yellow, Nama?

  2. you should take two samples. one for the doctor and one for guiness.

  3. I guess it depends on what color it is. If it's purple, then you have to start to wonder.

  4. wow. your blog is so wise. how do you put your past behind you?
    and what if your past isn't yellow either? wait... that doesn't work... or does it?

  5. wow, so since i posted this on monday, i've had all sorts of crazies coming to my blog via random google searches for reasons i have yet to discover. observe...

    "legolas elephant trunk"
    "half of a yellow sun"