Thursday, August 10, 2006


have you ever tried to find that delicate balance between living your life and living your life? there's the part of your life that makes your stomach churn when you really let yourself think about it. you can't escape living this life, but you try by living each day as it comes to you and not worrying about the tomorrow or the next day after that or next week or next year. it doesn't matter. it can't.

so here i sit. feeling like the majoriy of my life has been thrown into utter chaos and dismay, with little direction and no earthly clue where it's heading. and yet, there is happiness i find, joys i can't overlook. people who help me, whether they realize it or not, to live my life while living it. to live each day as it's own and feel content to walk the uncertain and unknown paths that lay before me with confidence and faith.

balance. it is in the quiet moments of my day that i feel balance. and embrace it. this is one of them, when i don't fret, when i simply surrender. and breath.

life is great. at least at this moment. and i feel refreshed. and full of life.