Friday, August 25, 2006

have you been eating my make-up?

i've now declared my brain officially dead. there's not a creative spark left. nothing. gone. it's been blocked. i have nothing intelligent, funny, interesting, opinionated, and/or useful to write about right now. let's just do a quick check-up on my very unexciting, yet fulfilling, life: keeping my life interesting: check
feeling (generally) fabulous: checkapalooza
reading good books: chek-ov
reading paper on bilateral kalman filtering: checkman-kalman
understanding paper on said topic: no such check
listening to good tunes: checkin-chopin
taking care of my super-dry skin: check-cema
getting enough sleep: check minus-the-no-doze
ingesting food on a regular basis: half-hold-the-check-in
eating indian food tonight: double check-urry
family doing well: check-a-rama
in good company: here-a-check & there-a-check
alive & breathing: last time i check-ed

i just have one complaint...that blasted phone at work keeps ringing...


  1. Sounds like you betta check yo'self before you mess yo'self.

  2. i, uhhh...i got nothing either.