Friday, July 21, 2006

so what had happened was...

i'm in desparate need of a hug.

a big one.

and a dove rich dark chocolate bar.

a really big one.


any takers?


  1. Nama, we need to have a pow wow. My suggestion: a season of Friends, a ridiculous amount of sugar / starches and solvent to wash it all down, including cream soda and ice cream.

    Oh, and you should get yourself a healthy dose of Jonharmon. He's a good hugger.

  2. I don't agree with persephone's advice. I'm sorry but I gotta do it, Friends is terrible, sugar and starches will only make it worse (we all know this is true). I recommend clean food (vietnamese is my fav) a good walk or some yoga, and a long hot epsom salt bath. detox. i'm a believer.

  3. I'm glad Leah didn't disagree with the part about me.

  4. seriously, brit. call me.

  5. I will, soon! I'll actually be down there in P-town this week, so maybe we can do lunch / dinner / whatevuh. :)