Monday, July 17, 2006

i wish i were an oscar meyer weiner


alright. here i go again. i know what i have to do, what's required of me. i know what i have to do to keep my head above water. i know your mom's fatter than greenland.

*deep breath*

okay, to keep my self smiling, i'm going to listen to some jamie cullum, watch crazy asian guys lip-sing backstreet boys, and throw those little squishy stress ball around at work (they say byu independent study on them and look like a globe).

here's my jamie cullum song of the moment:

i'm glad there is you

said i many times, love is illusion
a feeling result of confusion
with knowing smile and blasé sigh
a cynical so and so, am i

i feel so sure, so positive
so utterly unchangeably certain
though i never was aware of loving you
'til i suddenly realised there was love in you and oh...

in this world of ordinary people
extraordinary people
i'm glad there is you

in this world of overrated pleasures
and underrated treasures
i'm glad there is you

i live to love
i love to live with you beside me
this role, so new i'll muddle through with you
if you'll guide me through

in this world where many play at love
and hardly any stay in love
i'm glad there is you

more than ever, I'm glad there is you

said I many times, love is illusion...


and speaking of your mom and laughter, i found her picture on google!


  1. "more than ever, i'm glad there is you."
    that picture makes her look kinda slim don't you think?

  2. it must be from her younger years due to her slimness and lack of canyon-like wrinkles.

  3. Yeah, that was back before she had you.

  4. nama... nama... I don't know what to say, but may the force be with you.

  5. i'm listening to your jamie cullum cd right now! yay!