Monday, July 10, 2006

i think i'm in love

isn't he beautiful? isn't he lovely? i'm sure he's wonderful. and that's why i want him.

behold the black ibook. in the words of david cassidy, "i think i love you".

and i fully admit it. congratulations, steve jobs. you finally got me. your nazi/gestapo gang of apple minions must have successfully kidnapped me in my sleep, inundated me with apple propaganda under the bright light of one of those interrogation...light...thingers...and i then woke up the next day thinking, "i want an apple. i need an apple. huh."

or maybe it's the fact that my laptop is slowing dying. my 'shift' key just broke. so now i REALLY can't type in UPPERCASE, or Capitalize, even if i wanted to. have you seen the pc/mac commercials? the more my pc breaks, the more i laugh.

& on a related note, i came across this mock-a-mercial today via dave barry via youtube via best week ever (i love you mo rocca):

"do you mean, like, stupid stupid, or cool stupid."

& on an unrelated note, the classics geek in me thinks this is hilarious (& makes me recoil at the fact that they spell vergil the unclassic way):

bush regales dinner guests with impromptu oratory on virgil's minor works


  1. I think it's the influence of Kat and Lappy.

  2. BEWARE: they are a different color, but you will be paying at least $400 more for this laptop than with the white version.

    Good job, Steve Jobs. You still manage to screw people out of there $$$ by thievery and sith mind tricks.

  3. i'm sorry jay, was that you or bill gates talking?

  4. that was my wallet and my '50% off bin' nature talking. You can still purchase a computer without having Microsoft or Mac on it...Linux. Its not perfect, but its free and customizable.

  5. I just don't see a reason for paying $400+ for a paint job, when a $6 can of krylon could do the same job.

    also, this same technique that Steve Jobs is pulling was put into motion by Bill Gates a long time ago: Charging more for a slightly different version. Might we speculate that Steve Jobs is going to be doing the same thing that Bill Gates did... quite a theory that is yet to played out. In the mean time, I'm enjoying my kick @$$ computer just fine.


    oh, internet yelling is exhausting.

    If boys were computers, I'd need/want one of those uberhot silver models that can do anything from sort my day to make me toast.

  7. i'm sorry jay, was that you or jack messman talking?

  8. Jack??? Jack is out. Maybe that's the inner Ronald Hovsepian, new CEO of Novell, talking. Hope he can turn things around.

    With a name like Messman, you know he's going to screw something up.

  9. Besides, have you seen the new SuSe 10. It's pretty sweet. Microsoft's Vista has some similar aspects but Suse 10 came out first. Bill Gates is the new Johnnycomelately.

    And !!! Have you seen the new IE 6. Totally ripped off from Firefox!!! What a joke!!!

  10. jay, you have your own blog. i suggest you use it...or i'll make my blog's fat mom sit on you.

  11. No way. Jay's techie talk is hot.

  12. Okay, first of all, I need to respond to Jay. I'm not sure why he's bringing out the $400 figure. Sure, if you compare the 1.86 Ghz white to the 2.0 Ghz black. But what Jay's not telling you is that the $400 difference pays for a faster processor and a 20 gig larger hard drive. When you factor in those things, it only ends up being about $150 for the paint. Not that it's fair, but so what if Steve Jobs is a Sith Lord thief? He's a smart businessman who knows that people will WILLINGLY pay the extra. Is it conniving? Yes. Is it insidious? Yes. Is it absurd? Yes. But since when has business been about ameliorating Jay's wallet? Never! It has always been about pulling cheap shots to get ahead. And if Bill Gates isn't even pulling any fast ones (no one's getting tricked into buying one), then I just don't see the problem. This just sounds like Jay whining about the fact that he wants a black one but doesn't want to pay for it.

    Personally, I'm with Nama. That extra $150 to not look like a girl with a mac is worth it to me to get one. The only reason at this point that I would buy a windows or Linux laptop is if I was a techie who knew how to and wanted to tweak my computer to the nanohertz, which mac OS doesn't allow (not that's even an issue anymore with intel chips). In other words I wouldn't buy the macbook that I have dreamed about lo these past few months if my name was Jay Johnson.