Thursday, July 27, 2006

holy jeopardy postings, batman!

since kat & brittany have posted their jeopardous thoughts, i thought i might add to these posts in light of this startling news:

'jeopardy' champ jennings jabs show

what is this you say? jeopardy's wonder boy and good ole' utahan has been criticizing the canadian wonder himself, alex trebec, and the game show that has come to be known as america's senior citizen's favorite past time? gasp! for shame, kenneth.

wait? he wrote these jabs in blog form? must read...

confessions of a trivial mind: dear jeopardy! this is suppose to be "a humor piece"? so he doesn't really think that new categories such as "playstation", "skanks from reality tv who got naked in men's magazines", and "potpourri" should replace the "effete left-coast crap" categories they currently offer? and sending "the brain bus" crew into the the dark woods alone, thus creating a blair witchian scenario wherein one of the clue crew "disappears" and the other crew members, while looking "wan and emaciated" before, look "a little better-fed" after he's gone, is a bad idea? and gasp! he uses the words "cannabis" and "damn"? quick! somebody call the alumni president to get his alumnus status stricken forever!

but seriously folks, i think we all need a little lesson in "sarcasm", seeing as those at "cnn", "the associated press" and "jeopardy" think that mr. jennings' rant is "offensive" and "serious". sigh. i guess only people of such high intelligence as myself truly appreciate the "humor" in his posting and laugh "hysterically" at his "superior" genius.

in conclusion, i'll first stop using "quotation marks", and then i will sit back and laugh at the image of alex trebec, or, shall i say, "trebektron 4000" (doh! i didn't make any promises), with an engineered mustache and a french ventriloquist's dummy at his side, supporting the legalization of mary jane, reading the category "potent potables", and strangling his beloved ken jennings for letting out his secrets.

ho ho! ho ho. ho ho! (laughs into shirt sleeve) ho ho ho. huh ho!


  1. That was a genius blog he posted. And yours was alright too... I guess. :) Ken is my new best friend in sarcasm. I heart Ken.

  2. sarcasm and satire. i love them both equally.

  3. beautiful work there. Just beautiful.