Wednesday, July 05, 2006

best 4th ever

i think america pretty much had the best birthday ever yesterday (at least in my book).

it started with yummy chad pancakes and ending with a viewing of "the sandlot" with plenty of party time in between. oh glorious day.

the most fitting tribute to america was obviously the freedom festival parade, with elaborate floats that won such awards & titles as "outstanding depiction of legacy" and "most beautiful women likely to wave at moydie". the parade participants sure were proud to be american, especially the army guys shooting blanks into the audience of american-loving & cheering parade goers:

ARMY GUYS W/ GUNS: we love america!

PARADE GOERS: shoot us! yeah! go america!!

AGWG: alright! *bang* *bang* we love america!

PG: yeah, you do! *hack* *weeze*

AGWG: happy birthday america! *bang* *bang* we love guns!

PG: woo *gag* hoo *death*...

happy birthday, indeed.

this momentous event was followed by a perfectly hot day at the pool, a kneaders sandwich, & home-baked ziti. and then, of course, there was "the sandlot".

"first, you take the graham..."

i didn't get to actually see fireworks last night, but the 4th of july scene with a moving gospel rendition of "america, the beauitful" playing in the background was, quote-un-quote, most excellent. those fireworks were amazing! it made me want to play baseball under a brightly lit night sky & sing to america! good times...until i remembered how un-athletic i am...

"you're killin' me, smalls!"

in conclusion, happy birthday america! 230 years sho' did treat you right!


  1. Nama, did you know that the Sandlot was filmed in Utah? In Midvale. In fact, I've *been* to the field. My dad's old young men's teacher owned it as well as Vincent Drug (where they shop in the movie) and he used to open the shop for them on Sundays to get ice cream when they were good. Isn't that rad?

    "Then the mallow."

    Gun totin' guys that shoot into crowds always got my attention. As well as national attention i.e. america's most wanted.

  2. Nama, I'm still waiting to hear about some "other" kinds of fireworks.

    Wink wink, nudge nudge.

  3. Nama, btw... I think I've missed a memo here. Was the phrase "Chad" pancakes intentionally referring to current MO (or No MO, depending) partner, or did you mix Florida's voting conflict leftovers into the batter?

  4. "yummy chad pancakes".


  5. THE chad! he's jon's old companion/roommate who does some good cookin'.

    brit: not same person.

    kat: ew. that's a dirty mind. that's what you get for reading kay richardson before reading my blog.

  6. Just a follow up question for Persephone: where is the actual lot where they play ball in sandlot?