Tuesday, June 13, 2006

you gotta put your behind in your past

our last assignment in senior english was to write a letter to ourselves that our teacher, mrs. gaskin (aka, gaskolnikov, as we so aptly named her when he read crime & punishment), would mail to us in 5 years. having completely forgotten about this letter, my mom called me last week to tell me she had received a letter in the mail for me...from me...oh dear.

i remember writing those letters in young womens to ourselves/future husbands and keeping them in my mia maid scrapbook of flowerly young women things. ugh.

so you can only imagine my excitement and anticipation. however, all joking aside, the letter was incredibly entertaining! i wrote some sappiness toward the beginning that i skimmed over, but then i listed page after page of high school memories i didn't want myself to forget. oh the mind of an optimistic 18-year-old. while i did remember most of the list, there were a few that i could not figure out. i called my best friend, who i have known since elementary school, to piece together all the randomness in front of me. and hilarity ensued.

"remember when there was a huge power outage senior year that caused the powers that be to close down the school for the day? and we went to dino's & watched the matrix and in the middle of the movie, atticus said "hey! it's the spen boonder guy!" and we died?"

"remember when we "broke up" in middle school? twice. and we walked to school on opposite sides of the street glaring at each other?"

"remember when we went to friday's & kari table danced? for the first time?

"remember when we would cram 4-6 people in the back of your car on the way home from school? and we lived to tell the tale?"

it was good to feel all nostagicy last night. it made me want to listen to chomsky and watch can't hardly wait.

"why you gotta be wasting my flava?!"


  1. But I want to bring by bee-hind with me into the present! I love it.

  2. Sigh. I am fully assured those notes we wrote ourselves in high school will follow us forever! My best friend Kassy and I were talking on the phone several times this week and guess what we talked about?

    1. How we both used to have a mad ubercrush on the same guy in the ward. Causing us to hate one another as Beehives but reconcile as Mia Maids when we figured out we really liked BROTHERS and not the same guy. Awkward. Since there's a thin line between love and hate, it was easy to switch over. :)

    2. That time in Junior High when I got a perm. Two words: French poodle.

    3. The time when we used old glue bottles to shoot water into the vents and told our teacher we were cleaning them when he walked in on our mischeif.

    Yeah... I am the queen of nostalgia.

  3. "ninety-two percent yo!"

  4. Still haven't gotten my letter. Kari got hers and posted it on her livejournal. Mine must be lost on the zephyr of time.

  5. *chuckle* for the first time...



  6. I think you should post some pictures of your foxy self.