Friday, June 02, 2006


this one time...a boy called to ask me out. he said, "let's go rock climbing!" and i said, "okay", with a hint of trepidation in my voice.

not that i don't want to, but, you see, i have wimpy girl arms due to my...well...girliness combined with the lack of yogic(?) consistency. therefore, i think my arms might either snap off or cause me to fall to my death.

and all for a date.

oh the humanity.


  1. Wanna trade? I LOVE rock climbing!

  2. Any guy that wants to go rock climbing is good in my book, provided he understands that he'll either have to wait for me to catch up or deal with my adrenaline / ego rush that makes him have to catch up to me.

    I wonder if there is a web site for LDS rock-climbing menfolk?

  3. arms still hurt, my knees are bruised, but it was a REALLY good date. :)

  4. My heart is beating fast for you. Fast like the Engergizer Bunny fast.

    Sigh... it's hard to keep me down, what can I say?

  5. I don't like dates where I can't get dressed up. Cuz that's the only time I can anymore.