Thursday, June 22, 2006

let the fat mom jokes commence...

"you put your weed in there!"

oh the possibilities!

UPDATE: guess what your mom wants for julymas?


  1. He's a freaking genius! And what kind of cop thinks to search fat rolls?

  2. Embarrassed shudder-chuckle. I've heard of squirrels storing food in their cheeks for future snackage, but never thought of a fatty McDrugDrug caching weed there. Wow.

    Bad. Mental. Image. Must bleach eyes.

    True story: my 4th grade teacher used to warm up tootsie rolls in his armpits.

    Not quite the same.

  3. Twinkies are in the "non-food" catagory. Just thinking about the way they smell makes me gag.

  4. Twinkie lasagna? Eew! There was a kid in our ward who ate deep-fat fried twinkies dipped in chocolate. I thought that was enough to stop one's heart. Apparently they're thinking of other ways, too.

  5. did he unwrap the tootsie rolls first?

    and the only way i want my twinkies is fresh frozen.

  6. Meagan,

    No, he just put them in his armpits, warmed them, and then gave them to students. It was kind of weird. They were used as a reward for good behavior, granted by the "tootsie fairy"... and you had to say "I believe! (in the tootsie fairy)" Southern style before you could get your post-armpit tootsie roll.

  7. He sounds like a tootsie fairy. Southerners everywhere are grimacing in pain. We hate when bad imitations of our accents are used to coerce children into participating in strange and disturbing arm-pit rituals.