Friday, May 26, 2006

the space between

sometimes it seems as though i've reached an impasse. one that i cannot seem to pass through.

and then the phone rings. and i feel that familiar feeling in my stomach.

i still get butterflies every time he calls me.

i'm holding my heart out on a string. i have been for some time. i know i do this too easily. too fast. but i can't pull it back. not yet. there is still that hope. that pull. my heart tells me to stay.

so i do.

my mind tells me i'm defying all logic. all reasoning. therein lies the battle. the impasse. between heart and mind. body and spirit. while one cannot exist without the other, i must listen to one. and only one.

i still feel butterflies.


  1. I like butterflies...

    p.s. yastard's back-ish.

  2. Do the butterflies really ever go away? Maybe for some callers, but for others, it doesn't matter who you've moved on to, or where your feelings are now, or how rotten they treated you before, the butterflies are still there. The trick is what you DO with those butterflies, because they can be extremely useful or extremely destructive.

    And I've decided you can quote me on that.

  3. I like that Jon used the term "callers."