Monday, May 08, 2006

headlines of the day & other news

filipino judge sacked for consulting trio of mystic dwarves

it was his toes that tipped off the police


and i watched "kronk's new groove" yesterday...and it was hilarious! it was like "the emperor's new groove" + more sarcasim and randomness. at one point, yzma is taking kronk to her new "secret lab" and instead of being the fun rollar coaster ride it used to be, it's a disney-land-it's-a-small-world-after-all-esque float through a room full of singing dolls. kronk looks at yzma disappointed/confused and she says, "wait for it...", and THEN the roller coaster part of the ride comes!

trust me, it was funny. but i'll understand if you don't trust my judgement. i just watched "rainbow brite and the star stealer" for heaven's sake. and WOW it was bad. but did you know that rainbow brite is voiced by "bettina"? huh.


  1. does kronk sing his own theme music in this one?
    cuz that was my favorite part of the first one.

  2. I still think Jena should just marry him instead of drag this whole thing on.

  3. i just want him to hold me