Thursday, April 27, 2006

i'm a college graduate...and you're invited!

this afternoon at 4pm, i turned in the last and final paper of my undergraduate career. and i was literally shaking with excitement - or maybe that was the jamba juice i had earlier - but seriously folks...


and it feels great/scarey/i don't want to grow up/i'm a big kid now!

and guess what? all of you are invited to celebrate with me!

WHEN: tomorrow night, April 27th
WHERE: nama's hizzle (call/email if you need directions)
TIME: 7:30-9:30ish (just come & go as you please)
WHY: because you love me and i'm pretty much the coolest person ever right now. plus you can meet my family/the craziness i came from.
FOOD: vegees/fruits/random snacky items will be served

so there's your invitation, and you now have no excuse to not come. SO COME!

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