Sunday, April 02, 2006

countdown in CAPS

remember last year when i started counting down the number of days until i left for italy?

well, i'm not going to italy, but i am reaching another milestone here soon that deserves a countdown...


yes, my friends, in 26 days, i will be a college graduate. and as scary as this prospect is, I...AM...SO...EXCITED! AND READY! AND...WOWED AND AMAZED THAT'VE MADE IT THIS FAR!

the last 5 years of my life have been dedicated to cramming, writing papers, reading book, cramming some more, and, on occasion, learning. and now, this period of my life is nearing its end, and OH THE HUMANITY! it's been good, it's been real, and i'm ready for it to be OVER!

the only thing is...well...i think i'll have to, like, "grow-up" or something now. and that's not very cool. so, i think i might just run off and join the peace corps instead. or spend the summer playing. or run off to tijuana with a pretty brown man.

the point being that, either way, I'M GRADUATING IN 26 DAYS!!


  1. I'll be graduating thentoo! Yay for school...or rather yay for me and all my tuition that went into funding BYUSA. I think I should get some of that back... that and the moneys they owe me for leaving BYU without getting married pre-graduation. I should be reaping the rewards of the stroller-tax levied upon all the in-class mommies.

    Now that's justice.

  2. wait... after you graduate you're supposed to grow up?

    i won't believe it!

  3. Make sure you measure your head with masking tape.
    Erika and I can help. =D

  4. i graduated once. i haven't yet found it necessary to grow up. and then i graduated again (almost) and i still don't find it necessary to grow up. no, no. it's not for me.

  5. I graduate soon too, but in the spirit of the class of 2006 I am willing to share Johnny Depp.

    I call dibbs on the "Chocolat" parts.

  6. i call jack sparrow.

    mmm...johnny depp as dirty pirate...

  7. can i call dibbs on johnny depp circa "21 jump street"?

  8. nope, kat he's mine. so, while my friends are all graduating-ed i'm just getting started. but i already have a graduation date, april 20, 2007. and a clientele.