Monday, April 10, 2006

THE chelsea

an ode

i once was a shock
with my full head o' locks
but then i sat in your chair
and you did my hair
and now i look hot


okay, so i'm not a great ode-writer, but let's just say that chelsea (the chelsea) is my new favorite person. i said "give me more layers and fringe bangs", and an hour later, there was 5 pounds of hair on the floor and i emerged from the salon chelsea-fied. with REALLY hot hair. i'm now convinced that chelsea has been endowed with magical powers that she accesses through her razor/comb tool and general coolness.

in conclusion,
chelsea, you rock.


what rhymes with rock?


  1. You could say, "Chelsea, you rock my locks." Get it? ...

    So wait, did you get a haircut since we last saw you in Friday? I want to see!

  2. I demand a picture or a sighting of Nama in person!

  3. So there was this one time when I was the new girl at the Villa and I really needed a haircut. So not knowing anyone, but knowing good hair, I stopped this brunette bombshell named Kat and asked the name of her stylist, she said Chelsea. Then I asked this very Katherine Hepburn-esque goddess named Liz and she said Chelsea. Then I asked Liz's Mags-nificent sister Maggie and she said Chelsea. I went, she cut, I was gorgeous. She gives you the kind of hair that makes people stop on the street and stare. Fashion challenged college boys complimented me. It was amazing. Now I live far away and 4 stylists later, I still haven't found another Chelsea. I really should get my own blog.

  4. Wow. Who is this Chelsea of whome you speak? After four months in a country where mullets are the only things emerging from the salons, I'm in dire need of a pilgrimage!