Thursday, April 27, 2006

i'm a college graduate...and you're invited!

this afternoon at 4pm, i turned in the last and final paper of my undergraduate career. and i was literally shaking with excitement - or maybe that was the jamba juice i had earlier - but seriously folks...


and it feels great/scarey/i don't want to grow up/i'm a big kid now!

and guess what? all of you are invited to celebrate with me!

WHEN: tomorrow night, April 27th
WHERE: nama's hizzle (call/email if you need directions)
TIME: 7:30-9:30ish (just come & go as you please)
WHY: because you love me and i'm pretty much the coolest person ever right now. plus you can meet my family/the craziness i came from.
FOOD: vegees/fruits/random snacky items will be served

so there's your invitation, and you now have no excuse to not come. SO COME!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

it's mathematically (almost) over!

today = last day of school

tomorrow + thursday = reading days

friday + saturday + tuesday = finals

next thursday + next friday = graduation


now + library = nama (supposively) working on 3 papers, but actually playing dungeon escape (courtsey dave barry)


(now + library) X lack-of-motivation = nama + (dave barry + go fug yourself + writing a colorful blog + sleeping)


gooD times.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

shameless plugness

guess what tomorrow is?...well, besides thursday, morons...

its the mary lou fulton mentored student research conference!

what's that, you may ask? well, for the sake of brevity, just click on the link for further info. the important and plugy part of this post is that i'll be participating, and i think all you guys (that can) should come by the WILK tomorrow and see me and my glorious work of research art via adobe photoshop. i'll be there from 11-12, and 2-3 tomorrow afternoon. i'm not sure how they'll have us set up, but just look for the anthropology/archaeology "section"...or the hotness that is nama. either way, i'm sure you'll find me :)
UPDATE: i won money!!! that's right, my friends. my poster/research was good enough to earn a cash prize. happy graudation to me!

Monday, April 10, 2006

THE chelsea

an ode

i once was a shock
with my full head o' locks
but then i sat in your chair
and you did my hair
and now i look hot


okay, so i'm not a great ode-writer, but let's just say that chelsea (the chelsea) is my new favorite person. i said "give me more layers and fringe bangs", and an hour later, there was 5 pounds of hair on the floor and i emerged from the salon chelsea-fied. with REALLY hot hair. i'm now convinced that chelsea has been endowed with magical powers that she accesses through her razor/comb tool and general coolness.

in conclusion,
chelsea, you rock.


what rhymes with rock?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

what were you thinking, utah?

snow in april? i don't think so.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

countdown in CAPS

remember last year when i started counting down the number of days until i left for italy?

well, i'm not going to italy, but i am reaching another milestone here soon that deserves a countdown...


yes, my friends, in 26 days, i will be a college graduate. and as scary as this prospect is, I...AM...SO...EXCITED! AND READY! AND...WOWED AND AMAZED THAT'VE MADE IT THIS FAR!

the last 5 years of my life have been dedicated to cramming, writing papers, reading book, cramming some more, and, on occasion, learning. and now, this period of my life is nearing its end, and OH THE HUMANITY! it's been good, it's been real, and i'm ready for it to be OVER!

the only thing is...well...i think i'll have to, like, "grow-up" or something now. and that's not very cool. so, i think i might just run off and join the peace corps instead. or spend the summer playing. or run off to tijuana with a pretty brown man.

the point being that, either way, I'M GRADUATING IN 26 DAYS!!