Thursday, March 02, 2006

i wonder if my blog has a birthday suit?

happy 1 year and 1 month blogaversary namabanana!

i'd now like to take my readers through the good times, the stinky times, the chocolatey times, and the fat mom times of this past year and 1 month...

once i was beautiful, then i became fatty mcfat, but i was in italy for goodness sakes!
i learned to read warning labels, developed a fear of jogging, and LOVED italy more than jon's mom loves fried chicken!
speaking of your mom, she hates you, loves twinkies, blocks out the sun, and currently occupies half of space.
boys, as always, are stupid, but chocolate and good friends always makes things better.
speaking of, there are some people blessed with certain amounts of stupidity, and they always seem to find me.
half of my family scares me, my hippie parents are pretty cool/weird, and my little bro turtle is the cutest little kid ever.
i'm not what some would call "graceful", but i am the amazing wonder woman.
internet news is full of amusing stories, and 'chAnj isn't so bad after all.
and once again, italy=INCREDIBLE!

wow blog, look at you, rockin' your first year and 1 month! i'm so *tear* proud! here's to another many years and months! and when life gets you down, just think of the llamas.

p.s. just quickly, here's some of namabanana's soapbox moments concerning imporant issues and events that too often go ignored:
rwandan geocide
american media
earthquake in pakistan, kashmir, and india
we are all human beings


  1. happy bloggerversary... one month.

  2. Nama, in celebration of your blog's b-day I read some of your old blogs. I really liked "stupid". I really liked Em's response. I really liked Kat's practical perspective. I really liked Jay's mock realization of despair. In short, it made my day. Poor little man on the second floor who tried so hard all the wrong way. Bless his heart. That's all.