Tuesday, March 21, 2006

i hate these things

things you never wanted to know about nama, brought to you by heather and jay:

5 movies you can watch over and over:
1. finding nemo
2. pride & prejudice (mmm...colin firth...)
3. it's a wonderful life
4. chocolat (mmm...johnny depp...)
5. all things monty python

5 embarrassing songs that you know all the words to:
1. "don't stop believing" by journey
2. "dancing queen" by abba
3. "one week" by the barenaked ladies
4. "walk like an egyptian" by the bangles
5. "last train to clarksville" by the monkees

5 memorable halloween costumes:
1. classic fairy, circa ages 4-7
2. modern fairy, age 22
3. talking mime, age 19
4. ska-band reject, age 20
and last but not least: 5. your mom, age 21

5 celebrities you believe may secretly be alien:
1. dick clark
2. keith richards
3. mel gibson
4. bai ling
5. paris hilton

5 occupations you know you could never do:
1. anything involving the military
2. anything involving the food service industry
3. anything telemarky
4. anything animal-related
5. anything that requires math

5 books you've recently read outside of schoolwork:
1. "the idiot girls' action-adventure club", by laurie notaro
2. "dress you family in corduroy and denim", by david sedaris
3. "reading lolita in tehran", by azar nafisi
4. "we are all the same", by jim wooten
5. "speaker for the dead", by orson scott card

5 ways to perfectly spend an afternoon:
1. napping
2. reading a non-school book
3. going for a run/walk
4. yoga
5. calling a friend to chat

5 lines you blatantly stole from a movie, tv, a commercial, or song:
1. "i want you to have this." - can't hardly wait
2. "who needs sleep?" - barenaked ladies
3. "uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, yeah." - will & grace
4. "i love the smell of napalm in the morning" - apocalypse now
5. "the day is mine!" - sean connery, celebrity jeopardy

not your 5 favorite foods, but the 5 you're most likely eating:
1. pop-tarts
2. nutragrain bars
3. string cheese
4. chewy sprees
5. some brothy form of noddle soup

5 people who must immediately respond:
1. jon harmon
2. leah
3. kat
4. em
5. everyone else

now do it, if not for fun, for fear of an impending doom that awaits you if you don't. put some linkage in the comments section, or respond to part/all/the voices in your head if you don't have a blog like the rest of us cool folk. and don't take it from me, take it from him.


  1. done...


  2. Hey, knowing the words to "don't stop believing" is nothing to be ashamed of.