Friday, March 10, 2006

cowboy up!*

kat said something very profound to me a few weeks ago as i was complaining about boys, and i felt it was my duty to share:

me: kat, why is it that i'm always attracted to wishy-washy guys!

kat: i have a theory about this: you are attracted to wishy-washy guys, because all guys are wishy-washy. [insert typical kat-gesture]

me: eureka! you're a genius!

i think kat's got something here. i have honestly heard every story/excuse (knock on wood) in the book that guys give as an excuse to why they can't date/be in a relationship/fall in love/deal with their issues/commit to someone for 2 seconds of their life//// (i could go on, but for the sake of brevity...), and quite frankly, i am fed up with it! i am through being patient with these guys and trying to coax them gently into even a quasi-relationship. i feel like i'm trying to get a frightened, skirmish squirrel to come over to me. i don't want to make any BIG SUDDEN MOVEMENTS, but come on. in the words of leah, cowboy up fellas. you cannot expect a relationship to fall into your lap without a little (or a lot) work on your part. yes, its risky, yes your mom is fat and hated you and now you have issues that you don't want to deal with cause she didn't raise you right, but there's a little thing called stepping outside of that box you try to put your life in and saying, "you know what, i like this girl. i'm going to ask her out and see where this goes. because she's worth it." where are the gentlemen of yesteryear who knew how to treat women right? we are worth it, fellas. we can change your life, just as much as you might change ours. what's so scary about that, honestly? i just can't accept fear/confusion/doubt as a good excuse for using us, that's all.

phew. sorry fellas if this offends you, but maybe its my current guy frustration combined with pms that created this rant. if so, get over it, and COWBOY UP!

*title brought to you by nessa


  1. They're just intimidated by your super awesomeness. But never fear, there's some guy out there that won't be. :)

  2. Guys are wishy-washy. But sometimes that's cause they're just not that into you.