Friday, February 17, 2006

the good, the bad, and the stinky

so this week wasn't too horrible. because we all know that valentine's day + being sick + freezing weather should = mayhem. but i'm doing great! hmph. let's explore why this equation failed, shall we?

a) i was blessed to not witness a horrid display of love on valentine's day as i did last year. wicked awesome.
b) while i was sick, it mostly passed to the point where i just sounded like a man by monday/tuesday. i then sang "all that jazz" and sounded awesome with the smokiness/harshness that is my voice right now. sweet!
c) i watched a whole lot of simpsons this week. here's some of my favorite quotes:

"the lie is love" - homer
"that kid doesn't know where the world goes when we close the drapes!" - chief wiggim speaking of ralph
"i'm like michael moore...except i'm not fat and god loves me." - flanders
"i eat legos!" -ralph
d) even though i blame my uterus, i'm okay with the fact that i ate lots of chocolate/things from the sugary-goodness family this week. yummy!
e) i got a job!! hoorary for validation and money! yeehaw!
f) i just love all my much. serioulsy, i'd probably be a hermit living on garbonzo beans and mary jane somewhere in the wilderness if it weren't for all of you. keep up the good work! e-i-e-i-o!
g) two words: yo-ga. and breath...
i think i was successful in disproving that equation, don't you? oh, and this picture of my nephew getting his first hair cut helped, too...


  1. RANDOM UPDATE: i just watched "the good, the bad, and the ugly"...drawn out, yet oddly riveting. nothing like my week, though.

  2. That's the worst movie ever.