Monday, January 02, 2006

this space for rent

and now we interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for a plea:

so my thrify mom found a $98 airplane ticket (in which i leave to fly TO minneapolis at 6am and THEN to salt lake, arriving at 10:46am and i obviously had no say in the ultimate decision to buy this incredibly cheap ticket because i wasn't the one paying for it - love you, mom...really...), and all of my avaliable friends with cars will be unavoidably detained "working" at 10:46am on wednesday, leaving me to be stranded at the slc airport.

now for the plea: can somebody come and get me? i'll bring...chocolate...and...people maganize...or something equally entertaining(?). if you and your car are avalible, PLEASE call me...please :(

and now we return you to your regularly scheduled blogging:
my nephew & me! he likes to read...

my nephew all dressed to go bye-bye, or as he puts it, ready, set, go!

and my nephew in the bath, smiling, which he actually does A LOT, but not for pictures, apparently...


  1. i love bath tub pictures. the potential for future humiliation is fantastic.

  2. I've never really thought bath tub pictures were that big a deal, because I just keep thinking that if one of myself was shown publicly, I would just be like, "Duh, guys, it's not like I look like that anymore!"

  3. He's so cute!!! My favorite is the picture of him reading.