Wednesday, January 11, 2006

it's that time of year again

you say it's your birthday,
da da da da da da da da,
we're gonna have a good time,
da da da da da da da da,
i'm glad it's your birthday,
happy birthday to you!

yes, the rumors are true. i'm 19, errr...23. doesn't that sound way older than 22? or is it just me? anywho, here are my birthday wishes, all of which must be fulfilled if i am to have a very merry birthday:

*a cake of some sorts that's really good
*a shetland pony named fatty
*1.2 pounds of something sweet/chocolaty/good
*a new bra...wait a minute, i fulfilled that wish last night, and bought the most comfortable, fantastic bra i've ever owned in my life! and i didn't mind at all that i spent $42 on it.
*another run-in with cute boy from africa class last semester so i can get his digits this time...i swear!
*a way to somehow shorten the walking distance between my hizzouse and school
*a phone call from someone random
*$1 million
*the ability to curl my hair by myself - and the ability to fly...
*a relaxed evening with friends (you know who you are...hopefully), cake, fun, and birthday celebrations!

now go to!


  1. happy birthday!!!! i hope that all your wishes come true.

  2. your $1 million dollar check is in the mail! i spoke with the publishers clearing house earlier today!

    happy birthday nama!

  3. awww... how sweet of you to name your pony after your mom.

    happy b-day!

  4. 42! What kind of bra did you get?

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  6. good deal on that bra! i wasn't so lucky...

  7. uh, jon, that's just wierd/gross. don't ever buy me/think about buying me a bra. ew.
    p.s. its the new ipex embrace by victoria secrets. buy it now!

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  9. While I, personally, don't have a need for the new ipex and, therefore, won't buy one, I will, however, endorse watching the commercials. But I can't say that I will think of you when they come on the TV, cause that's just weird.

  10. i don't endorse the idea of you even watching the commercials, jay. ew.

  11. oh, jon, you didn't have to delete your comment! but, still, ew.

  12. So, are you wearing it now? Do you sleep in it?