Tuesday, January 31, 2006

attention DUMAS(S) awards:

read in the daily universe today in an article about volunteers at a free clinic, quoting byu nursing student ambur brewsky:

"it didn't occur to me that homeless people had to sleep outside. that realization made a big impact on me."

wow. it so sad that she's so dumb. and has an unfortunate name.


  1. that poor poor....person that gets her as a nurse. make no mistake she will be the fall of many.

  2. Want to know something pretty funny? She is the wife of a guy who works in my lab. I see her all the time. And...she's pretty rude to me. Maybe she doesn't know that I sleep somewhere too.

  3. She spells her name Ambur? With a U? She's dumb.

  4. i'm holding my tongue. i just thought i'd let you know.