Tuesday, January 31, 2006

attention DUMAS(S) awards:

read in the daily universe today in an article about volunteers at a free clinic, quoting byu nursing student ambur brewsky:

"it didn't occur to me that homeless people had to sleep outside. that realization made a big impact on me."

wow. it so sad that she's so dumb. and has an unfortunate name.

Monday, January 23, 2006

savsana & ujjayi

i cried during/after yoga last night.
i blame my tight hip flexures.

my hamstrings and triceps are sore.
but i can still do cool things like
this and this.

i have been disconnected for too long.
now my body, mind, and spirit are being realigned.

i'm exhausted.
but my chi is centered.

the world is chaotic.
yet i am at peace.

"we can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves." -His Holiness, the Dalai Lama

Monday, January 16, 2006

share the laughter

i was walking home from school last thursday, minding my own business, and probably thinking about the chocolate caramel kisses i had at home, when a van pulls up beside me. down the window rolls, and it was my professor, dr. macfarlane, with whom i went to italy with last spring. and as he rolls down the window, he yells out,
"hey amanda, you're mom called!"
i was lost in a fit of laughter for a moment, then asked him what she had to say;
"she doesn't love you anymore."
i continued to laugh, and he offered me a ride home.
the best part was when i told jon harmon the next day. i think his laughter went beyond the harmon-chuckle. he was writhing on the floor, crying, and in a complete fit of laughter.

the end.

p.s. i was reading the illiad today, and this passage made me laugh outloud:
"meriones - great dancer as you are,
my spear would have stopped your dancing days for good if only i had hit you!"
poor aeneas and his bad aim. who knew homer was so funny!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

it's that time of year again

you say it's your birthday,
da da da da da da da da,
we're gonna have a good time,
da da da da da da da da,
i'm glad it's your birthday,
happy birthday to you!

yes, the rumors are true. i'm 19, errr...23. doesn't that sound way older than 22? or is it just me? anywho, here are my birthday wishes, all of which must be fulfilled if i am to have a very merry birthday:

*a cake of some sorts that's really good
*a shetland pony named fatty
*1.2 pounds of something sweet/chocolaty/good
*a new bra...wait a minute, i fulfilled that wish last night, and bought the most comfortable, fantastic bra i've ever owned in my life! and i didn't mind at all that i spent $42 on it.
*another run-in with cute boy from africa class last semester so i can get his digits this time...i swear!
*a way to somehow shorten the walking distance between my hizzouse and school
*a phone call from someone random
*$1 million
*the ability to curl my hair by myself - and the ability to fly...
*a relaxed evening with friends (you know who you are...hopefully), cake, fun, and birthday celebrations!

now go to!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


so, i'm a girl. i'm feminine. i wear heels and pay way too much for haircuts. i like to think i have a little grace. and also that i'm good at being feminine.

well, maybe i'm a little good. shoot, have you seen me?

but, the other day i finally came to a blaring conclusion that i've only come to accept now:

i can't curl my hair!

i don't mean that my hair won't physically curl. i mean i cannot operate a curling iron to save my life. i have closely watched many people curl my hair, and have studied their techniques. and yet, when i attempt these "techniques", my hair does not look the same. i looks like i went to bed with wet hair and then woke up and head-banged to "bohemian rhapsody" for an hour.

i ended up calling kat, resident hair goddess, and she curled my hair yesterday to perfection.
i am now enrolling in kat's school for the gifted to remedy this problem.

Monday, January 02, 2006

this space for rent

and now we interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for a plea:

so my thrify mom found a $98 airplane ticket (in which i leave to fly TO minneapolis at 6am and THEN to salt lake, arriving at 10:46am and i obviously had no say in the ultimate decision to buy this incredibly cheap ticket because i wasn't the one paying for it - love you, mom...really...), and all of my avaliable friends with cars will be unavoidably detained "working" at 10:46am on wednesday, leaving me to be stranded at the slc airport.

now for the plea: can somebody come and get me? i'll bring...chocolate...and...people maganize...or something equally entertaining(?). if you and your car are avalible, PLEASE call me...please :(

and now we return you to your regularly scheduled blogging:
my nephew & me! he likes to read...

my nephew all dressed to go bye-bye, or as he puts it, ready, set, go!

and my nephew in the bath, smiling, which he actually does A LOT, but not for pictures, apparently...