Tuesday, December 27, 2005

post-christmas malaise

i awoke yesterday morning in a malaise...yes, a malaise. read on, dear reader.

unfortunately, i'm not a kid anymore (well, at least not in literal form), so the excitement of going to bed early on christmas eve, leaving cookies and milk out for santa, awaking christmas morning to discover that santa had come and left ALL these presents under our christmas tree, and then ripping open my presents with such excitement and anticipation is gone.

now, i'm on the cusp of being 23, i stay up late on christmas eve wrapping presents and arranging them nicely under the tree, i eat the cookies but, alas, not the milk left for "santa", the little bro turtle has to drag me out of bed christmas morning at 7am to open presents because santa, a.k.a, my parents & me, had indeed come, and i then open the few presents my mom had managed to get for me without me knowing and/or picking out.

so, in conclusion, that christmas excitement that i felt as a child in anticipation of what barbie i would be getting this year is totally gone. so, sunday was spent sleeping and eating all day, and the week proceeding christmas, which was usually spent with so much excitement that i was bursting at the seams by christmas, visiting santa at the mall, etc, was spent working at borders trying to find some obscure book for somebody's mom they heard about once somewhere. the upside to that was that christmas shoppers seemed less biting and demanding this year, and just generally worn out, but kind and jolly. unless you count that shopper who called the store at 8am on christmas eve wondering if we had any x-boxes.

so yesterday was spent attempting to recover from all that had transpired the week before, and food, the sleep, and all the time spent with the family (love them all! really do, but i reached my breaking point waaaay early this year with a few family members), which has now left me in a malaise. tired, headachey, and just generally blah-feeling. blah.

a side-note: it's currently 72 degrees here. oh blessed texas! how i missed your not-cold weather!


  1. i wouldn't i'm in a malaise, but i'm definitely feeling some ennui.

  2. my malaise can kick your maliase's butt!

  3. it's 82° in az. come visit me!