Monday, December 05, 2005

i'm cold and sick and it's all your fault

dear winter,

i know you think you're pretty and all, but you also suck. i don't care what your mom (presumably mother nature) says...cut it out! contrary to popular belief, i like having feeling in my hands, nose, ears, and cheeks. sure i'm a fan of winter fashion, but here's where you'd be misguided.
I HATE THE COLD!! and you can't blame this one on me! sure i moved here from texas, where its currently 70 degrees, to spent the winter months in utah, your stomping grounds, but you knew i was coming! you could have stopped. i guess you thought i would like it, seeing as "winter" in texas translates to what is known as "fall" here with the occasionally snow/ice show you like to put on for kicks, but doesn't result in anything except for everything, from schools to businesses to the space program, being shut down for fear this little know white substance that you're ever so fond of here in utah.
but no, you were wrong. soooo very wrong. walking to school in 20 degree weather isn't fun. neither is the fact that my lungs hurt right now from breathing in your cold air.
you make me sick. literally. *cough*hack*whine*zzzzzzzz* sure, blame ritz and her filthy kids for giving me the flu, but it all goes back to you, my friend. so if i die, it's your conscious that will be racked with guilt. and if i fail this semester due to the fact that i can't do anything but sleep and whine right now, it's all on your head.

in conclusion, i hate you.



  1. where's the love? (in arizona)

  2. 'Sposed to snow here tomorrow. High in the thirties.

  3. i'm guessing by the horrid weather put on today, winter's reply to me is "suck it!"

  4. so... this is an angry letter?

  5. i'm cold and sick too! i hate it!!!