Wednesday, November 30, 2005


i was just sitting in the commons area on the first floor of the library by the stairs engrossed in reading about the problems of population growth when a small piece of paper came flying at me. i quickly looked around to see if someone i knew was trying to get my attention, but i didn't see anyone, so i went back to my reading. then a guy who was sitting close by told me that a guy, whom we will call "stupid", 1 floor up was trying to get my attention. i looked up and stupid was calling to me over the railing to read the piece of paper he'd thrown at me. hmmm...okay? i open it up and it says, "i think you're cute. look up!"

are you kidding me?! because as much as i wanted to be flattered by your compliment and attention, who throws paper wads at girls to get their attention to tell them that they're cute except for 12 year old boys?! i looked back up at stupid with a confused and irritated look to see him with a huge smile on his face apparently waiting for a response. uh-huh. let me check "yes" or "no" and throw the piece of paper back up to you...just give me a second...

wow. boys are stupid.


  1. So you're saying I have a chance!

  2. Ha! That's hillarious!!! Did he have braces and acne?

  3. That was the BYU equivalent of boys honking and hollering out their car window as they drive by... woo woo! Because, what are supposed to do? Start chasing the car? "Oh, thank goodness you honked and made the woowooing sound! I had no idea you cared!" What did this guy want from you? Were you supposed to throw your book to the ground, clutch the paper wad to your chest, gaze up into his eyes and then run in slow motion up the two sets of stairs and straight into his arms? "Oh, thank goodness you threw this crumpled wad of paper at me that expressed your true feelings for me! Let's put these words to song so we can dance to it at our wedding next week!"

  4. at least it wasn't a spit wad.

  5. Wait, you're NOT suppose to do that ?!?! I'm going to have to change my game plan now.

    CRAP !!!!