Wednesday, November 16, 2005

the moment

artist of the moment: josh groban
cd of the moment: barenaked ladies, stunt
song of the moment: cold, cold heart, norah jones
books of the moment: dress your family in corduroy and denim, david sedaris; hegemony or survival, noam chomsky; managing motherhood, managing risk, denise allen
tv show of the moment: will & grace
food of the moment: spinach
chocolate of the moment: 8th continent chocolate soy milk
bedtime of the moment: 1am
throat drop of the moment: ricola lemon mint
vitamin of the moment: vitamin e
yoga pose of the moment: half-lotus
anatomical term of the moment: epiploic appendages
shoes of the moment: red flats
accessory of the moment: scarf
blog of the moment: kay richardson's malaise
news of the moment: the dalai lama & neuroscience
comic of the moment:

picture of the moment: my nephew on halloween


  1. for me it's:
    gavin degraw; jet "get born"; blue oyster cult "(don't fear) the reaper"; "things fall apart" chinua achebe; "gilmore girls"; hawaiian sweet rolls; hershey's cherry kisses; gum; steamed milk; sitting cross legged; conjunctiva; black round toed flats; flower in hair; namabanana; the 14 year old girl who's boyfriend killed her parents; strongbad; my sister's halloween costume.

  2. Garth Brooks; no CD, but my love songs playlist is working; For Once in My Life, Harry Connick, Jr.; The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss; The Simpsons; Cold cereal; Goo Goo Cluster ice cream; 9:30pm; I don't have a throat drop of the moment; any vitamin is good for me; corpse pose (shavasana if you will); epichondyl; pink fuzzy slippers; my name badge; my blog; I'm getting married in 7 weeks!; foxtrot; corey's niece sticking her tongue out. hee hee, the word verification made me type a naughty word :)

  3. Doubtlessly picked up at one of Dylan's soirées.

  4. What? Weren't you invited?