Wednesday, November 30, 2005


i was just sitting in the commons area on the first floor of the library by the stairs engrossed in reading about the problems of population growth when a small piece of paper came flying at me. i quickly looked around to see if someone i knew was trying to get my attention, but i didn't see anyone, so i went back to my reading. then a guy who was sitting close by told me that a guy, whom we will call "stupid", 1 floor up was trying to get my attention. i looked up and stupid was calling to me over the railing to read the piece of paper he'd thrown at me. hmmm...okay? i open it up and it says, "i think you're cute. look up!"

are you kidding me?! because as much as i wanted to be flattered by your compliment and attention, who throws paper wads at girls to get their attention to tell them that they're cute except for 12 year old boys?! i looked back up at stupid with a confused and irritated look to see him with a huge smile on his face apparently waiting for a response. uh-huh. let me check "yes" or "no" and throw the piece of paper back up to you...just give me a second...

wow. boys are stupid.

Saturday, November 26, 2005


saw rent yesterday. never got to see the stage version, but absolutely loved it. it made me laugh, cry, and despite the awful last scene where mimi dies and then comes back to life saying that she was sent back by angel, the drag queen who died from AIDS, i absolutely loved it.
apparently, however, a lot of people disagreed, and walked out before the first act was over. did you people not know the premise of rent? what did you expect from a modern musical version of "la boheme" with 4 characters suffering from AIDS, 4 homosexual characters (one of them a flaming drag queen), and 1 exotic dancer/heroin addict living in lower east manhatten in the late 80s? songs about rainbows and bunnies? i think not. i laughed about it afterwards, but something about it upset me. i laughed at people walking out until i saw people walking out during "i'll cover you", a scene in which two of the gay characters sing their love for each other. why did this upset me a bit? well, let me tell you...

i had a conversation with a friend the other day, in which we discussed individuals who were born and raised in utah and their general naivety of "the world" - now i say this and the following without trying to completely generalize utahans, as this specific friend is one, and as i know many who do not fall into this category - i grew up in dallas, a big flaming liberal city, and, needless to say, was exposed to the world from a young age. not only was i one of the few members of the church in school, work, etc, but i came to know a lot of different people with different beliefs, life styles, religions, races, political stances, etc. the diversity that is missing in most of utah was alive and well in dallas, and because i had wonderful parents who were not only converts, but one who grew up in LA surrounded by diversity, they taught be the value of respect and acceptance. never did i take any of the persecution i received at school personally, and never was i so quick to judge others who were different from me that i was led to impose by beliefs on them and deem them sinners/bad people/un-human. that is not what the gospel teaches. i respected them for their beliefs, accepted that, and loved them.
when i moved to utah, i was thoroughly disappointed and upset that many people i encountered in one way or another were so close-minded, disrespectful, and so unaccepting of anybody who didn't fit the "mormon culture" mold. i thought that surely, a high concentrated group of people who were taught the gospel would live it, and be more loving and accepting as a whole. how disappointed was to find out that this wasn't the case. having just seen rent, i consider homosexuality, and some of the blatant and hateful way i have seen some (not all) utahans treat and judge those who choose that lifestyle. having been on the acting scene in dallas as a teenager, and just living in dallas, i have had numerous contacts with people who choose this lifestyle and are quite proud of it. i even knew one who was dying of AIDS and is probably no longer with us. they are all wonderful people with kind hearts who are just like you and me. is i ironic that most of the gay people i know are more kind, compassionate, accepting, and respectful than many "good" members that i have met in utah?
when it comes right down to it, if we strip away all of our "labels" we and others place on ourselves, such as "mormon", "gay", "texan", "vegetarian", "utahan", "republican", or "american", we are all simply human beings. do you realize what huge implications that has? we are all god's children, and he loves everybody equally, even those who sin. and are we not all sinners? christ taught that he who without sin should cast the first stone. i think that is one of the most poignant moments in the life of christ, for he, the only one without sin, did not cast a stone at the sinner. we should see others as christ sees them, and that alone would demand that we respect, love, and accept all of god's children, not just the ones who shares our beliefs. there is a separation and a difference between loving someone unconditionally and not agreeing with their beliefs. it's called respect.

in conclusion, i loved rent, the characters and ideals found in it, because i have known and do know these characters in my life, and love them.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

no turkey for me

is it really time for thanksgiving again?

why do i have to spend it alone this year? i mean, texas isn't that far away.
i haven't spent thanksgiving with my family in 3 years. and it seems everyone around me has family somewhere close by (that or money to buy a $500 plane ticket home) and i'm jealous.
i miss my entire family, the smell of my dad cooking breakfast, the excited look on turtle's face whenever he sees me, and the way my mother mothers me.
i remember a time during my angst teenage years when i was jealous of my good friend catherine, because she seemed to have the perfect family. whenever i was at her house, i wanted to stay, and be a part of her family because mine wasn't perfect. only now do i realize how imperfect all of our families are. and how ungrateful i was to not realize how important my family was to me, how truly wonderful they are, and how much i love and cannot live without them. it was only when i moved to utah, so very far away from my family, that i began to be truly grateful for them.
i'm still jealous of others around this time of year. while my family is a 2 and a half hour $500 flight/23 hour drive away, their family is a hop, skip, and a jump away.

what am i grateful for? my wonderful, imperfect, weird family. for those of you spending thanksgiving with your families, be grateful, and never take them for granted.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

the moment

artist of the moment: josh groban
cd of the moment: barenaked ladies, stunt
song of the moment: cold, cold heart, norah jones
books of the moment: dress your family in corduroy and denim, david sedaris; hegemony or survival, noam chomsky; managing motherhood, managing risk, denise allen
tv show of the moment: will & grace
food of the moment: spinach
chocolate of the moment: 8th continent chocolate soy milk
bedtime of the moment: 1am
throat drop of the moment: ricola lemon mint
vitamin of the moment: vitamin e
yoga pose of the moment: half-lotus
anatomical term of the moment: epiploic appendages
shoes of the moment: red flats
accessory of the moment: scarf
blog of the moment: kay richardson's malaise
news of the moment: the dalai lama & neuroscience
comic of the moment:

picture of the moment: my nephew on halloween

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

reason(s) #529 why i love the internet

they didn't teach me how to make THAT in enrichment.

and is it so wrong that i find std's funny? (hehe...)

Thursday, November 03, 2005


dear kat,

NASA called.
they found your mom.

you're my new best friend call me every five minutes,