Wednesday, October 26, 2005

who needs chocolate?

yesterday was tragic, today was terrible, and i have a feeling that tomorrow will be ugly.

i was thinking of posting a plea for somebody, somewhere, to make me laugh. shoot, just making me smile would make my day(s) better.

and then a good friend came over. with pizza. and we girl-talked. and we laughed. a lot. and even though i ate pizza until i was at the bursting point (and it wasn't even that good), i felt better. the only thing missing was chocolate. and i bought chocolate soy milk later to remedy that.

pizza + a really good friend who makes you laugh at life = a better day

yeah, friends are SO MUCH better than chocolate sometimes...


  1. i miss you. and the girl talks. and laughing. and shoot, i would. and i'm gonna call you. cuz we could probably both use a good laugh.

    ...and king kong called...

    he wants his hairy butt-crack back.

  2. i like chocolate.
    i have a little.
    i keep it in a jar above my fridge.
    i'd like to put more in that jar.
    that's where you come in.

  3. there is something about less light in a day that seriuosly makes me need to have more girl talks and pizza.

  4. I miss pizza that doesn't cost your firstborn!