Wednesday, October 19, 2005


what does it mean to be human? how do you perceive yourself as human and all the implications that come with it? what do you do to show your humanity?

do you know that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, a feeling of helplessness, of ingratitude, and of being so small in this world? if you are human, you should feel this way when you see these faces.

a 7.6 earthquake hit pakistan, kashmir, and india on october 8th. have you heard the stories or seen the pictures? shame on you, american media. remember hurricane katrina? the stories, the pictures, the talk shows, the concerts and benefits, the continued coverage? hurricane katrina was nothing compared to the devastation, the loss of life, the lack of aid, and the overall tragedy of this earthquake. why do we not care? they are humans, too. God loves them as much as He loves us. why does the media shove this story into the "international" news and pay very little attention to it compared to other "top news stories"? we are all humans, we all matter. these people are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, wives, husbands, children, and friends, just like us. they smile, laugh, cry, frown, and hurt, just like us.

79,000 have lost their lives, 3.3 million have been left homeless, and thousands more in the remote mountain regions of pakistan have not yet received any aid and are now left, homeless and completely exposed to the elements. UN secretary-general kofi annan pledged today for the desperate need for more aid, saying the amount given thus far falls short by 90%. much more will be needed to save these people. "there are no excuses," annan said. "if we are to show ourselves worthy of calling ourselves members of humankind, we must rise to this challenge. our response will be no less than a measure of our humanity."

be human. care enough to at least keep these millions of survivors in your prayers, and please give monetarily if you can. never let disasters such as this go unwatched simply because it didn't happen in america.
just a few ways to give:
american red cross
concern worldwide
habitat for humanity
islamic relief
network for good
president's earthquake relief fund

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