Saturday, October 15, 2005

and now for something completely different...

a man with a tape recorder up his nose...*applause*

top 13 things i learned this week:

  1. life can be tough, but it could be worse. i could be dying from pink eye. ew.
  2. my new favorite anatomical term: medulla oblongata...5 points to anyone who knows what that is!
  3. the new Dasani raspberry flavored water is quite delightful. but the lemon flavored one is better.
  4. my watch has nickel in it, i'm ballergic, and icky rashes aren't very fun.
  5. the hot chocolate at chevron has milk in it. i don't think you want to know how i found that one out.
  6. somebody loves me...according to some guy who yelled "i love you!" from his car when i crossed the freedom/8th north intersection...special...
  7. i can take a shower, shave my legs, dry my hair, put on makeup, iron a skirt, and get dressed in less than an hour. woot.
  8. jay has an unnatural obsession with women's footware...aaaand it disturbs me a little bit.
  9. my best friend's birthday was yesterday, which means i'll be turning 23 soon...and i don't know how i feel about that...
  10. marie osmond called, and she wants her creepy mormon perkiness back.
  11. em's mom called, and she's fat.
  12. a pituitary gland called, and it wants its growth hormones back from kat.
  13. jon's doctor called to remind him of his lobotomy today.

and now for something completely different...a man with a tape recorder up his brother's nose. *cue monty python's theme music*


  1. I never got into British Humor that much. Although, I do enjoy the occasional Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. One of my Physics instructors loved the stuff and would quote them sporatically in class.

    I guess that's why I could never get into Red Dwarf on the SciFi channel or Mystery on PBS.

  2. OH, and Marie Osmond desperately needs to be taken off the radio!!!!

  3. I need to teach you how to use my word. It's I b'allergic.

  4. Speaking of Jay's should look at the link he put for high-heeled shoes. I liked the "hussy classic" because of its name.

  5. Sorry for the milky hot chocolate. My bad.