Friday, September 02, 2005

Things that annoyed me this week: Part 1

You know that feeling you get when you're climbing that first hill on the roller coaster, and you realize that you REALLY didn't want to go on the ride. Click, click, click, click... But you can't do a dang thing about it. Just sit there, and wait to die.

This is how I felt this week. Click, click, click, click...

First, my classes are absurd and demanding. Sure I get to study human cadavers, but the book required to do this cost $125. I'm quite excited that I'll have a paper published at the end of the year in a book, but my professor wants it by the middle of the month and JUST handed my MORE information he wants me to look over and incorporate into my paper. Hooray for learing more about political and economc anthropology and medical plualism in Africa, but I have to read HOW many books and write HOW many papers? "It's gonna be rough."

Second, all the coverage of thte aftermath of Hurrican Katrina is starting to cross that line between NPR-trusted-objective-esque coverage to Fox-ridiculous-absurd-biased coverage. A reporter yesterday stated that these poor,stranded people in New Orleans were in such dire condition that they "couldn't even buy cigarettes". Hmmm...let's see...babies are dying, people are living in squalid and unhealthly condtions, help is coming very slowly, and we should be concerned with GETTING THESE PEOPLE CIGARETTS?! Please. My favorite is a commentary I watched on CNN this morning comparing the conditions at the Superdome to a "modern-day genocide". Alright, what lowly fact checker isn't being paid here? First of all, this is a natural disaster, and isn't even close to the UN definition of genocide. I can't even comprehend who would have the gaul to put this disaster into the same category of the Holocaust, the Rawandan genocide, the Armenian genocide, and countless other horrible instances of actual genocide. And calling it "modern-day" shocked me, too! So that whole Pol Pot thing, and that Rawandan stuff, guess that's not "modern"? Please, genocide has occured in recent times and continues to occur. If this bothers you as much as it does, please write to CNN and tell them to get their facts straight and to stop grossly overexaggerated this disaster by terming it a "genocide". And don't even get me started on the constant comparisons to the Tsunami.

Third, my overloaded memory that is not remembering the third thing that annoyed me this week. Doh!


  1. Nama, I REALLY enjoyed this blog. Mostly because I agree with you 100% about Hurricane Katrina news coverage. Come on people. What's going on is terrible, but is this news or Hooray-I-get-to-pontificate-in-public time?

    And which one are you, Nama, the geek, the freak, or the sideshow floozy? Or all three?

  2. They keep comparing it to third world tragedies because it affected a lot of poor black people. While the situation for the poor is horrifying, why don't they show us footage of what's happened to the local universities? and by the way... where are all the white people?

  3. What about when they said this is the worst thing that has ever happened to America? What about the Civil War? The WTC? Pearl Harbor? Dennis Rodman? Slavery? Your mom??

  4. May I add to Em's list WWII and 9-11? I don't doubt that it is horrible, but c'mon. Lets get the facts straight.

    I think number 3 was that you were annoyed at all the idiots involved in the Katrina disaster who are trying to kill the officers who are bringing them aid, and all the idiots who are taking this opportunity to rape, steal, and pillage. What's that all about? Hello! Don't kill the hand that feeds you, and do something useful, like help clean up the mess so that you and your family can get aid.

  5. Oh, and this blog made me want to get you on a rollercoaster.

  6. p.s. watched oprah today. cried my eyes out. and heard some horrible things that have happened that i simply didn't want to know. and i cried some more.

  7. Oprah totally made me cry too. So, where's Part II of the things that annoyed you?