Tuesday, September 27, 2005

good, then icky, then good again

somedays are good.

but then, somedays are just plain icky. and you're sitting in your room, feeling icky, all alone, and then a good friend with good instincts comes over and makes you're icky day all better.

and now you can smile again and go back to having good days again.

thanks, friend.


  1. You're welcome, friend!

  2. Cheese=good days. I'm glad you're day was good. I love your guts!

  3. i was glad your day was good.
    and then i was sad because it was icky.
    but then i was happy because it was good again.
    this post was kind of a roller coaster ride for me.

  4. It's me isn't it. You were talkign about me, huh ?