Thursday, August 18, 2005


I love those paperclip holder-box-things with the metal top to keep the paper clips in and the hole in the middle of the top to put the paper clips in.

We have them at work all over the place.

I like to shake it upside down to see if any of the paper clips escape.

A few do, therefore rendering this product imperfect and fallable.

But I still like playing with it.

Because I'm BORED.

So very bored.

Work, smerk.

When do I get to leave and go back to Utah, now?

Soon, hopefully.

VERY soon...


  1. Hurray for Nama coming back! Hurray for a fantastically cool condo! Woohoo!

  2. I have one of those. I also have a drawer organizer and lots of highlighters and a filing cabinet. It's cool. I think I'm gonna take some pics of my office cuz it's the first and last one I'm likely to have.

  3. I have one of those roller things where you roll the magnet thing and the paper clips just come out. And it's pink.

  4. i love those paper clip things.
    and also staple getter-outters.
    and also nama.

  5. Have you ever thought about where all the paperclips go to? I mean - it's not like they only have a couple of uses in them, and yet we're constantly buying them.
    I think they're in cahoots with the dryers that eat socks so I come out with an odd number after putting in an even.