Monday, August 22, 2005

The new Nama! (sort of...)

I think I've had my most exciting weekend since...well, since Italy!

FIRST, I got a new phone! It's red, it's tiny, it's cute, AND it takes pictures! But the best part is that I only paid $25 for it after instant rebates. That, my friends, is called a good deal that kicks butt. Oh yeah.

SECOND, I got my hair chopped! And it's so unbelievably cute! And this is what it looks like. And with those 4-8 inches that came off, the old Nama fell on the floor and a new Nama emerged. I am a beautiful butterfly!

THIRD, I spent the evening on swanky lower Greenville in Dallas. I ate dinner at the Blue Goose and sat at the bar in Terilli's sipping non-alcoholic water and listen to a piano/saxophone jazz duet. I felt so cool and, well, swanky! I love you, Dallas. Here's to the good times. *clink*

FOURTH, well, I guess this doesn't apply to the weekend, but I'M COMING BACK TOMORROW!! That's right, my dear friends. You will all have the privilege of seeing the new and improved Nama in her new and improved condo tomorrow evening. Be sure to book your appointment now before I'm booked for the evening. Leave your name and time in which you wish to visit in the comments section, first come, first serve, no shoes, no shirt, no business, and be sure to tip your waitress.


  1. You should come see me - I think I'll be at Crystal's apt.

  2. Your "this" link showed me nothing. NOTHING I tell you! Take a picture of your hair with your camera phone and send it to me. I gotta know.

  3. FYI: hit refresh when you get the "cannot find" page on "this" link. THEN you'll be able to see what my hair looks like. sorry :)

  4. I'll be there at eight. Save me some non-alcoholic water.

  5. It still didn't work. You gotta hook me up manually.

  6. Do any of y'all have a car? I gotta see Nama!