Friday, August 12, 2005

My week in review

Realization of the Week
I LOVE living at home, but...
Sunday I nearly had an uncontrollable angry-tears breakdown when my Mom forgot to take the cardboard off the bottom of my California Pizza Kitchen pizza when she put it in the oven, causing the top to burn and the bottom to stay doughy.

Conclusion: I think I'm ready to come back to Utah.

Conversation of the Week
Ring Ring Ring
Me: Thank for calling Borders Books in Mesquite. This is Amanda speaking. How may I help you?
"Cronk": Yeah, somebody just called me from this number to tell me that a book I ordered was in.
Me: Okay...
Long-ish Pause
"Cronk": Hello?
Me: I'm still here, sir. can I help you?
"Cronk": Yeah, somebody called me from this number, I guess we ordered a book from you. Hey (shouts indistinguisable woman's name), did you order the book? (continues conversation with nameless woman)
Me: Okay, can I help you with that today?
"Cronk": Yeah, somebody called from this number to tell us that the book we ordered was in...
Me: (politely interupting, trying to keep my cool) I understand that sir. What do you need for me to do?
"Cronk": Well, I guess I need to talk to the person who just called...because they called me to tell me the order was in (starting to digress again)...
Me: Well, sir, they just called to tell you that your order was in...and that you have 2 weeks to pick it up...
"Cronk": Oh...well...(the hamster starts turning) okay, then. Bye.
Me: Bye. (Hangs up phone, confused, tries to figure what just happened here)

Highlight of the week
Monday night, I went up to North Dallas with my bestest oldest friend in the worldand another really good friend I haven't seen in a while to have Marble Slab ice cream, in a waffle bowl. We sat outside to enjoy our tasty treats, and even though the palm tree I was sitting under was out to get me, the night was splendid, and made me realize how much I love being in Dallas on a warm summer night.

Lowlight of the Week
I have been violated!
Friday, I got to remember why I hate being a girl.
And my doctor trying to make conversation during the process didn't really seem to help much.
In attempt to save the day from being horrible, I bought myself an oatmeal sandwich with cream in the center.
I didn't help.

Overall Evaluation of Week
Not the best week ever, nor the worst week ever.
Eh, I guess it was a'it.


  1. Welcome to Womanhood. Sorry bout that. You might need more than oatmeal and cream to make that better.

  2. Hey, Nama, I saw your new crib last night. It made me jealous. That can contribute to your week.

  3. um...word? *sigh* I wish I could speak gangster...

  4. yeah, i hear the new hizzouse is a'it...homey...

  5. You left out the part about the drive by water-chucking.

  6. OH YEAH! and that part about your "I-Hate-Dallas" rant..good times...